A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

You wake up in pitch black darkness. You know not where you are. You know not who you are. And they’re trying to kill you... 

Imagine a horror novel where you get to make the choices and decide how the story plays out: Welcome to American Angst, a text-based multiple-choice survival horror interactive fiction, combining RPG elements and turn-based combat with dark humor and satire.

A choice-based game slash novel, you try to escape from an underground prison complex – all the while suffering from amnesia, fighting off guards seeking your death, and slowly unravelling the mystery that brought you to this place, as you traverse the thin line between survival and revenge…

What American Angst is NOT:

  • made with Unity
  • made with Unreal
  • an online multiplayer first-person shooter with amazing graphics and audio
  • full of micro-transactions

What American Angst IS:

  • a playable horror novel (you'll have to read)
  • driven by your imagination
  • full of dark humor and satire
  • in a fully fleshed-out dystopian world in the not so far future (you will watch TV and read a newspaper)

Created with Twine by M3G1DD0 aka Misha Verollet (@m3g1dd0 on Twitter), American Angst is an interactive fiction in the vein of Choose your own Adventure and Fighting Fantasy games.


  • Five distinct endings plus variations: Even minor decisions impact the narrative
  • Replay value: The full story unfolds through the different endings
  • Monitor your stats: Health, panic status, inventory, weapons, ...
  • Turn-based Combat System
  • Autosave and Checkpoints
  • Text-based, no graphics or sound effects: Your imagination is your best friend and worst enemy
  • Warning: Graphic Violence, Explicit Language, Dark Humor, Gore
  • 70k words
  • Approx. 45 - 60 minutes of estimated play time (depending on your pace and choices you make)

From the creator:

"American Angst is a pastiche of slasher, survival horror, dungeon crawler and RPG games, influenced by 70s exploitation horror flicks and video nasties like The Hills have Eyes and The Last House on the Left, as well as films like Cube, Hostel and Running Man, or games like Resident Evil and Dead Space. American Angst is my first foray into game creation with Twine. It started as an experiment but quickly scaled to a larger pet project. I welcome your constructive criticism." – M3G1DD0 aka Misha Verollet


American Angst (MacOS) 89 MB
American Angst (Windows) 96 MB


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Sounds neat, will definitely be keeping an eye on the project as it develops!


Thank you! I will be updating soon. The project is progressing steadily.